JMCoaching - The online running coach. Join his online community of running advice and coaching.

JM Coaching was founded by elite distance runner, Jonny Mellor. Starting with a small group of athletes out of the Underground Training Station Gym in Hoylake, Jonny has developed his online running coaching services to help support a number of athletes across the UK.

How can JMCoaching help you?

“Having a coach can help you with nearly every aspect of your running, giving you guidance and structure in your training, ensuring everything you do is progressive and most importantly has a purpose. I started JM Coaching with the intention of supporting my own athletics career and quickly got a buzz out of helping other runners achieving their own goals within the sport. I now work with a range of clients from beginner runners starting out on their running journey to club standard runners looking to improve their improve personal bests. As well as one to one coaching I also offer an online subscription service which is the cost effective way of tapping into the mindset of an international athlete.”