Consultation Packages

Overview: Online Physiotherapy Consultations

At Sports Injury Physio you can have online consultations with an experienced physiotherapist. This business model allows me to keep my running costs low and you’ll notice that this is reflected in my affordable fees.

Initial physio consultations are required for every new injury that you request treatment for. This is used to take a detailed history of your injury and guide you through a physical examination of your injured body part using Skype or any other video app you may prefer.

At the end of your initial physiotherapy consultation, you will have a diagnosis of your injury and a treatment plan, planned around your specific needs. Most treatment plans have to be adjusted every few weeks as your injury recovers.

Your physiotherapist will also be available via email for a 2 week period after your consultation in case you need to ask questions or are having trouble with the exercises.

Every injury will have a unique recovery period and it is up to you to decide if you want to book any follow-up physiotherapy consultations. These will be used to reassess your injury and provide you with an adjusted treatment and training programme as you recover.

No physio can provide a treatment programme that will guarantee a full recovery, since injuries heal at different rates for different people. People also have very different goals that they want to achieve with treatment and the programme has to be progressed over time to achieve this.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Back To Fitness Package

Taking up exercise for the first time or after injury/illness can be daunting. I find that people often set themselves unreasonably high goals – especially when they are very motivated. The result is that they either find themselves overwhelmed and give up or they end up injured.

When you buy the Back To Fitness package, I’ll provide you with an exercise programme designed around your specific needs and activity level.

This package is NOT appropriate for anyone who wants treatment advice for a specific injury or who is currently injured – the Initial Consultation package is what you want.

We provide general physiotherapy consultations but specialise in sports injury consultation.