Treat your own ankle sprain ebook

How To Treat You Own Ankle Sprain: A detailed guide to self-diagnoses and treatment


Be guided through a detailed examination of your sprained ankle. Find out what structures you have injured and how to speed up your recovery.


  • 37 pictures
  • 23 exercises
  • A 6 week treatment programme for a lateral ankle sprain
  • A gradual return to running programme

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Your ankle consist of several joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles. You will always injure more than one structure when you sprain your ankle. What structures you injure depend on the direction your ankle twists into and also with how much force this happens.

Chapter 1: Find out what you have injured

Chapter 1 walks you through a detailed examination of your sprained ankle and includes several pictures for this purpose. It also explains when you should seek further medical advice and how you can know if you have broken a bone in your foot or ankle.

Chapter 2: Detailed treatment plan

Chapter 2 explains the healing process and how you can use your knowledge of this to help your recovery. It is very important that you strengthen your ankle and leg before you go back to sport. This chapter provides a detailed explanation, with pictures, of 23 exercises that you can do to strengthen your ankle and leg. It also includes an example of a treatment programme specifically compiled to treat a lateral ankle sprain, which is by far the most common type.

Chapter 3: When to return to sport

You will find guidelines to help you decide when you are ready to return to sport in Chapter 3. The aim of this chapter is to prevent you from doing too much too quickly and decrease your risk of sustaining another ankle sprain.

Chapter 4: How to start running again

Chapter 4 is written specifically for runners and contains a programme for a gradual return to running. This is, however, applicable to any sport that include running e.g. football.

Chapter 5: Reasons why your injury’s not getting better

Does it feel as if your ankle sprain is just not getting any better? Chapter 5 lists some of the reasons why your ankle may not be recovering as expected.

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