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How To Treat Your Own Plantar Fasciitis: A detailed guide to self-diagnoses and treatment


Be guided through a detailed examination of your foot. Find out if your heel pain truly is plantar fasciitis or if you have another condition with similar symptoms to plantar fasciitis.


  • 30 pictures
  • 19 exercises
  • A detailed treatment programme based on the most current research
  • A programme to help you return to running and other sports

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Understanding the cause of an injury as well as the healing process of that injury are the cornerstones for any successful treatment programme.

Chapter 1: Examining your injury

Chapter 1 therefor provides you with a detailed explanation of what the plantar fascia is and how it works to stabilise the arch of your foot when you walk. It explains what happens when you injure it and what risk factors can contribute to you developing plantar fasciitis. It then guides you through an examination that will help you to diagnose your heel pain – highlighting other conditions that can be mistaken for plantar fasciitis.

Chapter 2: Treatment for Plantar Fasciitis

The treatment for plantar fasciitis according to the most up to date research can be found in Chapter 2. Maryke also draws on her clinical experience to provide you with practical advice on how to protect the plantar fascia during your daily life. It includes a progressive exercise programme with 19 exercises for plantar fasciitis and 24 pictures that address all the muscles in the lower limbs. The aim of this programme is to treat the cause of your problem and not only relieve the symptoms associated with plantar fasciitis.

Chapter 3: Safe return to sport

“When can I return to sport?” This question is answered in Chapter 3 where you will find guidelines to help you decide when you are ready to go back to your sport. This includes specific guidelines for golf, running as well as complex sports e.g. hockey or football. The aim is to allow you to return to your sport without causing a flare-up of your heel pain.

Chapter 4: Reasons why treatment fail

Does your foot still hurt despite following all the advice? There are several reasons why your heel pain may not improve and you can find the most common ones in Chapter 4.

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