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Have your injury diagnosed online through a video call with an experienced physiotherapist and receive a bespoke treatment plan to help you recover.

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How It Works

1.  Choose a consultation package.

2.  Pick a date and a time that suit you.

3.  Pay via Paypal (you can use your debit/credit card).

4.  Share a video call with your physio to receive an online diagnosis.

5.  Your physio sends you a written treatment plan with videos of exercises.

6.   Ask questions via email for 2 weeks.

Get an online diagnosis from the online physio clinic Sports Injury Physio
Maryke is an experienced sports physiotherapist

About Sports Injury Physio

Sports Injury Physio was started by sports physiotherapist, Maryke Louw, with the aim to allow patients quick and affordable access to expert injury diagnosis and treatment advice.

Maryke qualified as a physiotherapist in 2003. She has an MSc in Sports Injury Management and is currently based at one of the UK’s  leading centres for sports medicine. While Maryke is a specialist sports physiotherapist, she also treats a wide variety of regular injuries.

Have Your Injury Diagnosed Online!

Initial online physiotherapy consultation

Initial Injury Consultation


A 45 minute Skype consultation

A diagnosis of your injury

An individualised treatment plan

A written report

Letters to your GP, work etc. at your request

Unlimited support via email for 2 weeks

Us follow-up physio appointments for any condition that has already been diagnosed through Sports Injury Physio

Follow-up Consultation


A 25 minute Skype consultation

Reassessment of your injury

A progressed treatment plan

A written report

Letters to your GP, work etc. at your request

Unlimited support via email for 2 weeks

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What My Patients Say

“I found the coaching sessions with Maryke invaluable. I have spent a number of years procrastinating about my weight, but never finding the motivation to challenge myself. The coaching sessions have proven to be inspirational to fire me to challenge myself to do the life changes required to lose weight and get fitter. The questions directed by Maryke stay with me, and I often find myself using the same questions on myself to prevent me
stopping or quitting.”

Hannah Cowley, UK

“I’m so impressed with Maryke’s knowledge and level of support. Within 45 minutes, she had identified my problem and set me on the road to recovery with a series of targeted stretches. Emails were responded to promptly and I never felt like a nuisance. I highly recommend this service.”

Andrew Shield, UK

“After suffering from a severe height fall that resulted a spine injury – an  L4  compression fracture, I was in need of a comprehensive rehabilitation programme. Miss Maryke was kind enough to design a  rehab programme that best suited my needs. I got dramatic improvements in terms of body flexibility. The skype sessions were great and effective.”

I. Rashad, Bangladesh

“I was training very hard for my first half marathon when I got tick bite fever and after that my immune system was very low and I got the one sickness after the other…I asked for advice and a programme to suite me as I had to start from the very beginning…I can highly recommend her services and want to thank her for her continuous inspiration and advice.

M. Marais, South Africa

“Excellent online consultation. Maryke was very professional and her diagnosis was spot on, my GP confirmed everything she had said to me. Her recommendations have set me on the road to recovery and hopefully I’ll be back to running in the near future.”

Michael James, UK

“My name is Alex M. and I’m from Romania. Four years ago I was diagnosed with lower back problems at the L5-S1 disc. After trying almost everything, NSAID, all types of pills and many therapies all around the country, I finally found Maryke. Within a few weeks I was a new man.

From barely being able to sit or walk for more than 5 minutes in the last few years, now, only after a few weeks I can do whatever I want. I can walk for as long as I want and I can cycle all day. For me, meeting Maryke was life-changing. She is one of the most helpful and warm-hearted people I have ever met.

It only took a quick but extremely effective Skype consultation to understand everything I needed to do. I don’t think there are words to thank Maryke for how much she helped me. “

Alex M, Romania

Ask the physios at Sports Injury Physio a question

Frequently Asked Questions

How can Online Physiotherapy work - you're not touching me?

The truth is that most injuries can be self-treated as long as you have an accurate diagnosis. Massage and manipulations can make your pain feel better in the short run but they do not fix anything. The body heals itself as long as you provide the right combination of rest and exercise.

Think about it. Who treats your physio? I treat myself.

Why choose Sports Injury Physio?

Because at Sports Injury Physio I don’t just treat your symptoms, I address the cause of the injury. A core part of my treatment approach is to educate my patients.

If you know what you have injured, how the healing process works, and what caused your injury in the first place, you pretty much turn into your own therapist. You are then able to adapt your lifestyle and training to allow the injury to heal and prevent it from happening again.

I always aim to get you back to your normal life and activity as quickly as possible. I believe in active recovery – no unnecessary long periods of inactivity.

What are the benefits of an online physio consultation?

1. You have access to an experienced physiotherapist – not always easy to find.

2. Flexible consultation times.

3. Spending a lot of time travelling? You can have an online physiotherapy consultation (almost) anywhere in the world.

4. Your physio is in contact every week to find out how you are doing, progress your treatment plan and act as your conscience!

5. Online physiotherapy consultations are cost effective. Low overheads = low fees.

Read more about how the online diagnosis process works or you are also welcome to send me a direct message.

Does Sports Injury Physio only help people with sports injuries?

No. Whilst we specialise in treating sports injuries, we also provide treatment and support for anyone suffering with musculoskeletal (joint, muscle, ligament, tendon etc.) injuries.

I have tried exercise before, but it did not work. Why will your treatment plan work?

An exercise programme can fail for several reasons:

– It was the wrong diagnosis and therefore the wrong exercises. At Sports Injury Physio we combine our years of experience in treating athletes with a detailed evaluation to provide you with a diagnosis.

– It was the wrong intensity or type of exercise for that stage of the healing process. At Sports Injury Physio we provide you with ongoing support and tweak your rehabilitation programme if it is required.

– You did not get a timely review or support throughout the programme. We are all different and what works for one person may have a totally different effect on the next. With Sports Injury Physio you have ongoing and convenient access to your physiotherapist and we encourage frequent communication between all parties. This way we can quickly identify if a certain exercise is not right for you and make appropriate adjustments.

– You did not follow a graded return to sport. Whilst we always aim to help you return to sport as soon as possible, it is very important to do this in a gradual manner. The physios at SIP have years of clinical experience in helping people return to sport in a safe and effective manner.

My vision for the Sports Injury Physio blog is to create a trusted resource where people can get well-researched, no-nonsense advice that will help them back to health as quickly as possible.